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Found on the principle to help more people to achieve their dream with honest opinion and advice. We have helped hundreds of clients to build their dream homes across Brisbane and the Gold Coast corridor.


Would you like to build your dream home but don't know where to start?


By providing you with the right advice, not only will it assist you in making better decisions, it will also save you valuable time and money. The earlier in a project you decide on your changes, the less costly they are.

Affordable Luxury is our jam

You want the look but not the price tag? We understand that!

With some clever designs and a sophisticated colour scheme, a beautiful house doesn’t always have to break the bank

True customization

"I am sorry we can't change our floor plans"
Does this sound familiar? we say no to that!

We understand that all the details count for your dream house that’s why all homes are fully customizable at LDC.


Interior designed around you – Make sure your home feels like yours.

Custom interior design is a vital part of your bespoke home.


Give your dream home the perfect character that will greet you and your family every time you walk through the door.

Our clients are at the centre of our design ethics, your lifestyle and vision pave our way to your dream home

We want to get to know exactly who you are and your specific dreams for your new home and any necessary requirements before going to the drawing board


Come sit down and let's explore your options- we understand how important it is to listen and provide guidance from the early stage of your building journey.


A pre-construction deposit is required to design your home and obtain all necessary information such as the geotechnical report and a detailed contour survey for your block. When all has been finalised we will then present a cost analysis and budget for your new home.


Here your final contract is prepared including final cost and construction timeline. Architectural and engineer drawings are finalised and lodged to private certifiers for the issue of Building Approval.


Sit back and relax - The construction of your new home will commence, you will be introduced to your Site Supervisor who will oversee the entire construction of your home.

Got a plan ready to go?

We can tailor made a solution from start to finish.



Give your family the full update you deserve without sacrificing the community you have established around you. We will organize permits and demolition so that we can see your makeover through from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my home take to build?

Including our detailed QC process, we generally complete the construction phase in around 7 to 12 months from the date of Building Approval (BA).  Straight forward projects of level sites are typically 7 to 8 months to build. Depending on design complexity, site challenges etc, larger and more complex projects such as projects on steep sites or involving basements, pools may vary perhaps from 9 to 15 months.

Who do I contact if I have any questions during the building process?

Your Project Manager is available throughout the project. You are more than welcome to contact the Project Manager directly with any queries or concerns.

Who will manage the process?

A dedicated Project Manager will oversee your project from Design stage through to Contract signing and site start. Once on site, you will be introduced to and have direct contact with your Site Management team who will coordinate all on-site activities, manage quality, safety and time frames and keep you informed throughout the construction stage. For maximum efficiency, our Construction Manager and site manager will work hand to hand to coordinate exterior works up to lockup with a Stage 2 Site Manager overlapping and commencing internally, taking the project through to completion and Handover. This team, together with your office based Construction Coordinator, is managed and overseen by  Construction Manager with key stages signed off by the QC consultant.

Do you have adequate insurance?

Yes. Our insurances include:

  • Construction Works Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Domestic Building Warranty insurance for each home
  • WorkCover insurance for all employees and contractors
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Will I be able to access the home during the building process?

Yes. We invite you to site at key stages of the build process to collaborate on details and review works prior to proceeding to the next stage.

Can I use my own trades and suppliers?

No. We have a regular trade base that we use for all projects to ensure that service levels and quality standards are met on every project. Introducing unknown trades compromises our ability to effectively manage trades which can impact on timeframes and quality. Similarly, engaging trades with whom we do not have a relationship often leads to supply issues which can delay the works, unreliability with respect to deliveries, service and warranty.

Quality COntrol

How do you manage quality?

At LDC Constructions, we are passionate about designing and building high quality custom homes. We outline below details of our Quality Control system to ensure that we achieve consistently high quality standards on every home we build

  • Building Certifier – issues a Building Permit prior to commencement of the construction works and conducts mandatory inspections throughout construction to check compliance of your new home with the Building Code, relevant Regulations and Standards and the Building Permit.
  • Independent Building Inspector – we also engage the services of an Independent Building Inspector, on each of our projects to conduct quality inspections at pre-plaster, pre-paint and completion stages and to assist our construction team to consistently achieve high quality standards
  • Construction team inspections – our Site Manager and Construction Manager also conduct regular inspections and work with the Building Surveyor and Independent Building Inspector with the aim of ensuring that all items identified are addressed in a timely manner. We limit our Site Managers to a maximum of 8 homes at a time to ensure attention to detail is maintained. Site Managers are required to achieve QC sign off at each stage before proceeding to the next stage.

What warranties and guarantees do you provide?

We warrant all of our work in accordance with statutory warranties and in accordance with manufacturers’ warranties for equipment and appliances. Our full-time Maintenance Team will return for general maintenance within 6 months after you have moved in to rectify any defects that may become apparent in that time. Structural elements of your home are warranted against defects for 7 years.


What is your Design style?

Our Design team have a great depth of talent and experience and can provide design solutions to suit a wide range of styles and requirements

What if I want an integrated pool?

We can design a home to integrate with a pool and then refer you to pool contractors that we have worked with previously. It is important to coordinate the design and construction activities to save considerable time in getting the correct result.

Do you offer any ‘standard plans’ or do you only build custom homes?

Whether you draw inspiration from our comprehensive Portfolio or starting on scratch to a bespoke custom home, rest assured LDC Constructions will collaborate with you to create your dream home to suit your site, lifestyle and budget.

What if my home requires a basement?

We can design a custom home with a semi basement or full basement to suit your site conditions, design brief and budget. We will provide all necessary design, detailing and engineering.

How long does it take to design and price a home?

The timeframe varies depending on your ability to meet with us and provide prompt feedback. Typically we would meet with you within 3 weeks of signing a Preliminary Agreement (allowing time to obtain a site survey) and produce an initial Design Concept within 4 – 6 weeks. Pricing takes around 2 weeks once the design concept is approved.

Can you build on a sloping or narrow block?

Yes. We have particular expertise in custom designing homes that maximise the attributes of your site and overcome site challenges whilst meeting your design and budget.

Can you build from my design/plans?

Yes, we can definitely provide a tailor made solution to your provided plans.

Do you design and build dual occupancy developments?

Yes, we have a long track record of designing and building custom dual occupancy and duplex developments.

Do you provide interior design?

We have partnered with a specialist interior design consultant to work collaboratively with you to deliver stunning bespoke interiors, joinery design, material palette, fittings and fixtures all tailored to your brief and budget.

What if I require Town Planning?

We coordinate Town Planning documentation and submission on behalf of our clients and work with Town Planner to achieve the best possible outcome for your site. Most single dwellings do not require Town Planning, however, where Town Planning is required, a permit is likely to add 3 to 6 months depending on council.


How many homes do you build each year?

We limit the number of homes we build each year to ensure the highest quality service and communication at every step of the process from initial engagement through to conclusion of the maintenance period. We achieve this by capping the number of site starts per month to ensure consistent workload across our staff and trades.


We build around 30 custom homes each year. We achieve this by capping the number of site starts per month to ensure consistent workload across our staff and trades. We consider this to be an ideal number. Large enough to offer stability and financial security, underpinned by a robust project management systems and an experienced team. Small enough to offer a flexible, inclusive approach focused on client satisfaction.

How much do you charge for a new home?

The million dollar question! However, due to the custom nature of our work, every home we design is an unique and the price to build depends on the size, complexity of the design, site costs, materials, fit-out and finish. We work with each client to create a custom solution that aligns with their design brief, site requirements and budget and we workshop the solution until the right balance between these requirements is achieved. Please contact our consultants for more information.

How does the process work?

Our process begins with a client consultation, followed by a meeting with you to discuss your brief and budget and inspect your site.